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  • A team from TUMS School of Dentistry actively joined the 6th international YUDSA congress.

  • Ambassador of the Republic of Armenia in Tehran and his team, visited the School of Dentistry

  • World Health Summit Regional Meeting 2019

  • Joint symposium between TUMS and Altinbas university of Istanbul

  • Symposium of Oral SCC: a new perspective on the diagnosis and treatment

  • The fourth meeting of coordination for joint symposium between TUMS and Alitinbas University of Ista...

  • Dr. Hikmet Shagatti, Dean of School of Dentistry of Mustansiriya University and his colleagues visit...

  • Dr Meraji; the manager and Ms Javdanfar; the expert of the academy informed faculty members about th...

  • Association for Dental Education in Europe (ADEE) 2018

  • Professor Abubakr Rashid and his team visited the School of Dentistry of Tehran University of Medica...


ADEE Site-Visit 2019