In the era of information and prodigious technology, a few could be found that directly or indirectly are not familiar with the modern phenomena, especially laser. The medical science is indebted to the services of those who didn’t shy away from voicing their opinions and using new techniques and attempted to pave the path to peak of success and open the doors of knowledge and end ignorance. New technologies such as laser have the ability to play an important role in the scenario of this thought. Although, by those who have the knowledge and the required skills of this field and not only benefit from that for the purpose of treatment of human suffering, but also can advance these sciences with new research and take however a short step.
In this regard, the Center of Laser Research in Dentistry was founded in 27 June 2009 as the first research center in this field in Iran. Amongst the aims of this center we could mention utilization and development of human knowledge in the field of laser and carrying out fundamental, clinical and epidemiological research in order to improve the national health care system to respond to the needs of Islamic society. Since the establishment of this center, authorities have attempted to attract experts in order to carry out research projects and train researchers in the field of laser. All the authorities including the President and Vice President and Research Assistant, Research Council and the experts at the center are attempting to expand this field by providing the suitable environment and conditions and cooperation with other research centers. Hence we would like to use this opportunity as a platform to invite all interested parties and experts to cooperate with the Center.